Moshi, October 2021 

As one of the largest and most traditional coffee estates located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, near the Kilimanjaro forest conservation area in Northern Tanzania, Machare Coffee Estate is committed to promoting and protecting human rights and the environment. 

Therefore, all our actions and standards are based on a common code of conduct, reflected by the sustainability policy articulated on the following pages. 

During the past 20 years, we have taken great care of our environment and our neighboring communities to produce coffee in harmony with nature and human beings. Therefore, we have implemented a variety of sustainability actions on our farm and in the neighboring communities. These actions are described in detail at the end of this policy and are highlighted whenever they contribute to a specific topic in our policy. 

Bente Luther-Medoch, Farm Manager 

Human Rights

Economic Viability & Food Security for Farming Communities

Machare Coffee Estate strives to continuously improve livelihoods of our workers and the neighboring community with the support of our friends and coffee partners worldwide. This includes e.g. environment saving and health supporting projects as shown in our various community projects.

Forced Labor, Modern Slavery & Discrimination

At Machare Coffee Estate, we do not accept any form of forced labor. Work must be freely chosen. Forced, bonded, slave, trafficked or otherwise involuntary labor is strictly prohibited. We do not accept any form of corporal, psychological, physical, sexual, verbal, or other harassment, abuse or discipline and any other form of intimidation.It is our policy that women are actively empowered, that every person is treated equally, with dignity and respect and that there is no discrimination.Pregnant workers and new parents receive all protective provisions in line with national laws and regulations.

Child Protection

At Machare Coffee Estate, we do not accept the use of child labor. The age of admission to employment must not be less than 18 years.

Wages & Compensation

Workers at Machare Coffee Estate receive more than the  minimum wage set by the Tanzanian Law. Overtime shall be avoided by a shift system.However, if for any reason it cannot be avoided during peak season, overtime is paid at a premium rate according to Tanzanian Law. Workers are provided with understandable information on their full compensation of their wages, including deductions, overtime premium rates, and benefits.

Written Contracts

All workers at Machare Coffee Estate receive a written contract in a language and manner they understand. The contract complies with national regulations.

Regular Employment

We have 46 permanent employees, all are from our immediate neighborhood. Even our Farm Management is from the neighboring village. We strongly believe in supporting unskilled workers and are actively training them to become creative and skilled.

Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining

Machare Coffee Estate recognizes and respects the right of workers to form or join workers’ organizations including unions of their own choice and to bargain collectively.

Health & Safety

Machare Coffee Estate provides a safe and hygienic working environment. Adequate steps are taken to prevent accidents and injury to health. With few exceptions, all workers are from neighboring communities. The few coming from far, are staying on the farm are provided free accommodation that is clean, safe and meets their basic needs. Workers receive regular and recorded health and safety training, and such trainings are repeated for new or reassigned workers.


Organic Agriculture & Environmental Impact

We strongly believe that organic agriculture is the way forward for nature and human beings. It is our policy not to harm our surrounding environment and neighborhood.50% of coffee production of Machare Coffee Estate is currently organic certified and the remaining 50% is in conversion to organic. None of our activities is harming nature; instead, we are taking great efforts to enhance nature. We are working on restoring our and our neighbors’ environment by implementing several lines of environmentally conscious and sustainable projects.

Preparation of Land & Land Rights

Since more than 100 years, Machare Coffee Estate exists in its borders as a coffee farm and since the early 1970’s it is owned by the Republic of Tanzania. The lease rent is paid directly to the cooperative and helps to improve the villages’ local infrastructure. The farm does not allow agricultural activities, deforestation, and other harmful activities in its conservation areas.

Soil Preparation, Fertility & Erosion

Through its fully organic management, integrated pest management and other regenerative farm practices, Machare Coffee Estate efficiently conserves the valuable resource soil, its health and stability as well as the biodiversity of soil organisms. We are producing all our compost and fluid bio fertilizers on the farm from organic materials.

Biodiversity & Animal Welfare

Machare Coffee Estate actively strives for the protection and promotion of biodiversity. After it has been leased in 1998, biodiversity has been restored and 17% of production area have been converted into a conservation area with native vegetation. Furthermore, 15,000 trees have been planted on the farm so far. The farm is 100% under ground cover which consists of 60 varieties of grasses and herbs.

Water Use & Water Protection

All water sources and water ways of the farm (two rivers, wells, furrows) are protected by natural buffer zones.The use of irrigation water is optimized by drip irrigation on 104 ha farmland. The quantity of water consumption in the coffee  factory was reduced by 97% through reusage and other saving measures. The remaining wastewater is recycled in an innovative wastewater treatment system.

Agrochemicals & Hazardous Waste

No agrochemicals are being used. No hazardous waste is being produced. Moreover, Machare Coffee Estate practices waste reduction, responsible disposal, and recycling.  

Carbon Emissions

Machare Coffee Estate continuously works on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from farm operations, such as energy saving and avoidance of fire for soil preparation. We have fully eliminated any chemical fertilizer use.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

As a matter of its organic cultivation, no GMO seeds or seedlings are used at Machare Coffee Estate.